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Underwater Acoustics and Maritime Traffic Analysis: A Research Expedition in Badalona

    La Salle – Universitat Ramon Llull

    Acoustics Team in Human-Environment Research Group (HER)

    In our recent scientific endeavor, we undertook a field expedition to Badalona with a dual purpose: deploying hydrophones for underwater acoustics research and employing a portable setup to track AIS data. Our focus was centered on the renowned Pont del Petroli.

    Hydrophone Deployment: Probing the Subaquatic Symphony

    Commencing on December 4th, our team deployed one hydrophone to capture the acoustic signatures of Badalona’s marine environment. These underwater microphones served as our ears below the surface, capturing a diverse range of sounds, from marine life to the echoes of passing vessels. The retrieval on December 5th marked the end of this phase.

    Portable Setup for AIS Data Tracking and AISHUB API Analysis

    Parallel to our hydrophone deployment, we utilized a portable setup to monitor maritime traffic. Focused on the Pont del Petroli, we recorded AIS data, providing real-time information on vessel identity, position, course, and speed. Concurrently, we conducted comprehensive analyses of AISHUB API requests too.

    Pont del Petroli: A Strategic Observatory for Maritime Research

    Situated at the confluence of land and sea, the Pont del Petroli emerged as a strategic vantage point for our research activities. Beyond its structural elegance, this location offered unparalleled views of maritime traffic and facilitated seamless integration for both hydrophone deployment and AIS data tracking.