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La Salle – Universitat Ramon Llull

Acoustics Team in Human-Environment Research Group

The Acoustics Team within the Human-Environment Research team at La Salle University is working in Deuteronoise JPI Oceans project, working with their expertise in acoustics, coupled with a deep understanding of machine learning and acoustic signal modeling.

One of the primary focuses of the Acoustics Team is the development of precise measurements along the coast of Barcelona and in the Black Sea. These measurements are vital for comprehensively assessing underwater noise in various locations as part of the Deuteronoise JPI Oceans project, providing critical data that will be instrumental in understanding the impact of noise pollution on marine ecosystems.

Beyond measurements, the Acoustics Team is set to take the lead in modeling underwater noise in polluted areas. Once measurements have been collected and appropriately labeled, they will focus their expertise in machine learning and acoustic signal modeling to create accurate representations of the acoustic environments under study. This modeling effort is essential in providing a comprehensive understanding of noise pollution patterns in the sea, facilitating the identification of trends and sources of disturbance.

The goal of the team is to contribute to a thorough and precise description of noise in polluted sea areas. This description will serve as a foundational resource for the broader Deuteronoise JPI Oceans project, enabling marine biologists and researchers to assess the impact of noise pollution on deuterosomes. By understanding the acoustic conditions in polluted areas, the team will support biologists in recreating these conditions within laboratory settings. This replication will allow for controlled experiments to evaluate how noise pollution affects deuterosomes, advancing our knowledge of the ecological consequences of underwater noise.