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The National Research-Development Institute for Marine Geology and Geoecology

Having a broad experience in various fields, such us the biology and ecology of pelagic and benthic communities, stakeholder engagement, environmental policy and communication, GeoEcoMar team is working in almost all WP’s within Deuteronoise Project.

In this context, the researchers will bring a significant contribution to better understand the effect of anthropogenic noise on the Black Sea environment and specifically on some sensitive species, such us tunicates, which are often used as biological models due to their human-related ontogeny. In close collaboration with project partners’, GeoEcoMar will conduct in- and ex-situ experiments consisting in measurements of noise produced by ships and its associated effects. These studies will help predict the animals’ behaviour in noise polluted areas and will represent the baseline for modelling studies. In other words, these experiments will validate “noisesome” tools produced within the project and will further generate technical recommendations for noise mitigation within European basins.

GeoEcomar team is coordinating the WP related to the development of new measures and strategies for underwater noise mitigation through technical recommendations and relevant stakeholder engagement. Concrete technical and monitoring recommendations for the policy makers will be proposed, which will allow us to establish the thresholds on underwater noise according to MSFD D11. Moreover, to facilitate the implementation of new measures and to create an open dialog with the end-users, meetings will be organized in each pilot site and feedback will be incorporated into the final recommendations and measures report.