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Update from AquaFarm 2024: DeuteroNoise and Diaphonia

    AquaFarm 2024

    Lucia Manni (DeuteroNoise) & Daniela Bertotto (Diaphonia)

    We are delighted to share insights from the recent AquaFarm 2024 exhibition, a pivotal event in the realm of aquaculture, shellfish farming, and sustainable fishing. At the forefront of this gathering were two distinguished projects, DeuteroNoise and Diaphonia, which captivated audiences with their innovative approaches and dedication to marine ecosystem preservation.

    Led by Lucia Manni and Daniela Bertotto respectively, DeuteroNoise and Diaphonia jointly presented their research endeavors under the JPI Oceans.

    Drawing a diverse audience from over 35 countries, totaling 3300 visitors, AquaFarm 2024 proved to be a resounding success. Daniela Bertotto and her team from Diaphonia made significant contributions, not only showcasing their own project but also shedding light on the vital work undertaken by DeuteroNoise.

    Both DeuteroNoise and Diaphonia exemplify a commitment to advancing sustainable practices within the aquaculture sector. We eagerly anticipate further updates as these pioneering projects continue to make significant strides in the realm of marine research and sustainable aquaculture.